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Forum Rules

Postby admin » Wed Aug 26, 2009 3:28 pm

These forums are for the discussion pertaining to the Innovator series of R/C helicopters, including advice, feedback and general flight experience talk. We ask that all posts always remain civil, respectful and constructive – this is to ensure that all visitors can enjoy and benefit from these forums, plus we can more easily collect feedback (be it positive or negative) to pass on to Innovator & Thunder Tiger R&D teams.

There are specific forum rules covering the sort of behavior that is and isn’t acceptable here. While the general guideline of “Treat others as you would wish to be treated” always applies, all visitors must also abide by these rules. If you do not, your post may be moved, locked or deleted, and may eventually result in a temporary or permanent ban.

Online Safety
We strongly recommend you do not arrange to meet anyone from these forums. Always consult a parent or guardian if appropriate or speak to a Moderator. You should also not give out personal contact details, including real name, phone number, email or home address. Thunder Tiger and / or Innovator can not be held responsible for your acts.

Inappropriate Content
Hobbyists of all ages are welcome to view these forums. As such, any posts containing
profanity, obscenity, insults, personal attacks, accusations or abusive language will be edited or deleted and will result in a warning or, in severe or persistent cases, a ban from the forum.

This forum does not permit swearing or offensive comments, and any signatures, titles or posted images must also follow these rules.
Similarly, racial, religious or sexual slurs are likely to result in immediate banning.

No Flaming
This includes any kind of personal insult, flame or intimidation. Responding in kind to a flame message is viewed as equally unacceptable, regardless of who started it. If you believe you are being insulted or otherwise flamed by another poster, please PM a forum moderator rather than responding. Please agree to disagree or the thread is likely to be locked.

No spamming
Repeatedly posting the same post or topic in a forum, or across multiple forums, is considered spamming. Such posts will be locked, edited or removed. Intentional off topic or nonsense posting is also likely to be considered spam and will receive the same treatment, especially if this takes an existing thread off topic.
If you think of something else you want to add to the thread, please use the Edit button rather than making multiple posts in a row as this may also be seen as spamming, whether intentional or not.

Private Messages
This forum system allows users to send Private Messages. Private Messages are also subject to the same rules and moderation as public threads. As such these are also viewable by Forum Managers.

No bumping
Making short posts made with the sole intention of keeping posts near the top of the forum is called “bumping”. This raises forum traffic and clutter unnecessarily and moves more active threads down the page. As such it is not allowed and may result in the thread being lost and persistent offenders may have their posting privileges removed.

This forum is managed by Thunder Tiger Global and as such we ask that all posts on this board are made in English so we can effectively moderate.
The Innovator forums are also available in Mandarin Chinese. Links to Mandarin forums are on top of this page.

Reporting Posts
If you see a post that you think needs moderator attention, please report it. While it is not always possible to deal with a reported post immediately, all reported posts will be dealt with accordingly if they require it.

External Content
Anything linked to from these forums must follow by the same rules as any content directly posted here. This includes links and images.

Moderators are contracted by Thunder Tiger to assist with the running of these forums. They are regularly kept informed on upcoming product developments, updates and so on. They will pass on such information from HQ wherever possible or adequate. Moderators are also constantly involved in reporting back community comments, suggestions, issues and concerns about our products.
Finally, moderators’ actions are not a topic for public discussion!
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