About The Innovator
Basic Specifications & Content
Mechanism & Key Features
Main Control Unit – ICS System & Key Features
2.4GHz iFHss Control System
Innovator’s Powerful PC Software & FMS Simulator

The INNOVATOR – The new generation of R/C helicopter. All is included in a complete and ready-to-fly helicopter. Enjoy outstanding performances and discover the INNOVATOR’s unique features.
High-Performance Super Combo Helicopter
The INNOVATOR includes it all! The fuselage, the radio system, the motor, the speed control, the battery, the rotor blades, the servos and gyro are all ready to go. No more worries about which device is best compatible with which setup! The INNOVATOR is available in either a Standard or an Expert version designed specifically for the novice and experienced pilots. The INNOVATOR is a safe and stable helicopter, but it is amazing how well it flies!
The Safest System
The INNOVATOR has a unique security system which uses audio signals and LED warnings. You must complete a safety procedure before take-off, and only then will the motor and gyro engage. This unique feature brings safety to a new standard. In addition, rotor rpm, max. current and other settings are continuously monitored. With its hard-case Li-Po battery and built-in CPU, the battery is monitored to prevent unusual operation.
New Fun
Numerous accessories including a powerful PC Software and Simulator (sold separately) let you experience and test different flying characteristics before the actual flight at the field. There is also a wide range of optional parts for upgrade. Visit the INNOVATOR official website at www.innovator-rc.com for additional technical data and guidance, news, videos, and information-sharing among pilots.